Nourishing Beauty, Nourishing the Planet

Welcome to Anyong, where the beauty of traditions meets the power of science. Discover our unique brand story, our values, and our dedication to skincare.

Our Vision: Bridging Tradition with Science

In a world where the beauty industry often follows fleeting trends and relies on synthetic formulas, Anyong emerges as a beacon of change. Our vision draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Asia, where age-old beauty secrets are passed down through generations. We aim to uncover the ancient wisdom of the East and merge it with modern science and technology, believing that this fusion can create skincare products that truly transform.

Harmony of Science and Nature

At Anyong, we've built upon a simple yet profound principle. The key to creating skincare solutions harnessing the wonders of nature, deeply nourishing and protecting the skin, lies in marrying these with scientific advancements. So we embarked on a journey of precise research and meticulous testing to develop innovative components that will revolutionize the industry.

More than Cosmetics

Our formulations aim not only to reveal the inherent beauty within each individual but also to add a delightful touch to your daily skincare routines. Trust and customer satisfaction aren't just ideals for us; they are guiding principles that shape every choice and action we take.

Why Anyong?


 All our packaging aligns with our environmental commitment, being recyclable or reusable.  

🔬Microbiome-Friendly Products

We are mindful of the sensitive balance of the skin ecosystem and formulate products that support it. 

🦠Pioneering Pre and Postbiotics

Merging Asian beauty secrets with pre and postbiotics, we create formulas that are effective yet gentle.

🐰Cruelty-Free Concept
We are committed to ethical and cruelty-free skin care. Our products are PETA certified and never tested on animals. We meticulously monitor our purchasing process to ensure that each component meets our strict ethical and quality standards. Our aim is to provide skin care solutions that are not only effective, but also responsibly and produced with the utmost care.

Purpose-Driven Founders

Behind Anyong are founders with over two decades of experience in the cosmetic industry. They've been personally involved in every step of creating a cosmetic product, from research and development to marketing.

Our Mission: A Greener Future

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Drawing inspiration from centuries-old Asian beauty secrets, we integrate these into our formulas to achieve the best results. Our mission is clear: our products should enhance external appearance while being in harmony with internal and environmental beauty.

Core Values

  • Sustainability  
  • Microbiome-friendly
  • Naturalness and quality
  • Science and innovation
  • Synergy and efficacy
  • Green surfactants 
  • Environmental consciousness  

These values aren't mere words on paper; they shape every product and decision at Anyong.

Join Us on Our Journey

In a world where beauty often seems superficial, Anyong offers more. We present a holistic, sustainable beauty vision deeply rooted in tradition and science. By caring for our home, the planet, we aim not just to transform your skin but also to instill confidence and nourish your unique beauty. Join us in building a beautiful and sustainable future for everyone.


Experience the Transformation, Discover Your Beauty with Anyong!